The Asian Personality at Work Project

This website provides details about the Asian Personality and Performance at Work Research Project. The bulk of the project was competed some time ago as part of a PhD program. However, the project is kept alive by the need to continuously assess the performance of new personality tests that come onto the Chinese or Asia markets. Our research results have been written up and submitted for publication to a number of academic and practitioner journals. Please see publications and study results opposite for more information.

Main Topics

  • personality
  • indigenous personality
  • personality in Asia
  • Chinese personality
  • personality in Hong Kong SAR
  • personality in Australia
  • personality in Singapore
  • personality and performance at work
  • predictive ability of psychometric tests
  • psychometric test validity in Asia
  • personality tests in Singapore
  • personality tests in Hong Kong
  • structural differences/similarities in personality between UK, Australia, New Zealand, China (mainland), Singapore and Hong Kong SAR

Summary Findings

No time to read the whole site? Here’s a quick summary:

Locally developed psychometric tests which purport to assess “indigenous” aspects of Chinese Personality were found to be less reliable than reputable internationally developed tests of personality. Furthermore, there is a big question as to whether so-called “indigenous” traits are Chinese-specific. Issues such as traditionalism or face also exist in other cultures! Moreover, the research has demonstrated that whatever we choose to believe about Chinese Personality, locally developed (Hong Kong) tests of “indigenous” personality add nothing to the prediction of performance at work that is not already accounted for by reputable internationally developed tests.

Funding & Purpose

This work is © Dr. Graham Tyler and the University of Queensland, Australia. Work was made possible by an Australian Federal Government Scholarship Award, a University of Queensland Scholarship Award. All travel, subsistence and any work after 2005 was sponsored by PsyAsia International. Reproduction of any part of this site in any format is strictly forbidden without the express permission of the copyright holders. The NEO-FFI was provided under agreement with PAR Inc. The 15FQ+ was provided under agreement by Psytech International and the CPAI under agreement with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Apollo Profile was provided under agreement with the Apollonean Institute and the Identity Self-Perception Questionnaire was provided under agreement with Quest Partnership. Most research was conducted on a not-for-profit basis for the advancement of intellectual knowledge and to ensure best practice in psychometric assessment in Singapore, Hong Kong and across Asia. Thanks and appreciation goes to Dr. Peter Newcombe and Prof. Paul Barrett for their support and expert advice during the period of the research. Thanks also goes to those who took part in this research (more than 2000 individuals in Asia and Australia).