BPS Level 1 & 2 RQTU Psychometric Test Training in Singapore & Hong Kong

Train for BPS Level 1 and 2 Psychometric Test User Qualifications in Singapore and Hong Kong with the company that has won 6 International Quality Awards between 2010-2015; the company which brought regular BPS Certification training to Singapore & Hong Kong (with the former BPS Level A and B); and the company which uses a British Psychological Society Award-Winning Dr. of Psychology to facilitate the course – not to mention, the lead researcher for the information presented at this website – an expert on Psychometrics in Singapore, Hong Kong and across Asia!

This intensive professional course provides training in psychometric assessment in the workplace, leading to the fulfilment of requirements for the British Psychological Society Level 1 & 2 Psychometric Test User Certificates. After successful completion of the course, delegates are qualified to order, administer, score, interpret and feedback on a complete range of ability, aptitude and personality questionnaires. They will also be able to apply for the British Psychological Society’s Certificates which means the holder will be recognised internationally as having trained to the highest levels in the practical application of psychometric tests.

PsyAsia International is renowned by Human Resource professionals and organisational psychologists throughout Asia for being the leader in psychometric training in the region. Whilst many overuse the term “leader”, PsyAsia demonstrates their position with tangibles. Our innovations include moving of training to online mediums, blended learning for the BPS Level 1 and 2 and an online learning centre where delegates get immediate access to forums, chat with other delegates, virtual receptions with the facilitator and other course members, downloads of recorded training and more.

Key Learning Objectives & Syllabus for BPS Levels 1 & 2

Kindly refer to the course webpage for a full day-by-day syllabus and the learning objectives for the courses.

No Exams!

At the current time it is up to individual course providers to decide how to assess their delegates; some may use exams whilst others use workbooks and other assessments. With our psychometric training, there is no exam requirement for our BPS Level 1 and 2 training in Singapore & Hong Kong; we find that our delegates prefer this. Instead we assess via a workbook and practical exercises.

BPS Level 1 & 2 Facilitator

This course is facilitated by PsyAsia International’s resident director, Dr. Graham Tyler. Dr. Tyler is well known in Asia for his expertise and work in psychometrics. His PhD was by way of a double-scholarship award from the Australian Government and focused on psychometric assessment, personality and performance at work in Asia. Dr. Tyler is a fully Registered Organisational Psychologist, a Chartered Scientist, a consultant/trainer to numerous Singapore Government departments and Fortune 500 companies and a university lecturer. He is a published author in Singapore-based publications (Straits Times, Human Capital Plus, Human Resources) and peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Selection and Assessment, the BPS Selection and Development Review and The Occupational Psychologist. He is a reviewer for scientific journals and conferences and a supervisor for Intern Psychologists on behalf of Australian and local Universities. Dr. Tyler was the first to bring regular training leading to the British Psychological Society’s Certificates of Competence in Occupational Testing to Singapore in 2002 having introduced them to Dubai prior to that. His work with Psychometric Tests has received recognition from the British Psychological Society with an award for Scientific Contribution to Psychology. Plentiful delegate reviews of Dr. Tyler’s training can be seen at the course webpage.

Additional Benefits of Psychometric Test Training in Singapore & Hong Kong with us

The course facilitator and our psychologist consultants are based locally, this means that we can blend the BPS syllabus with knowledge and experience of local laws, culture and practices and that even when the course ends expert psychologists will be nearby to offer ongoing support. Given that we are not a training reseller, we don’t need to ship in overseas facilitators. As a result, we can be flexible in terms of our course offerings.

Because we are local there is no need to send your follow-up work overseas for marking. You can essentially finish Level 2: Personality Test User Qualification as soon as you are ready – and don’t hang around for your results – we guarantee to mark your work within 10 days, although most is marked faster – you can check our online performance review for recent dates!

Furthermore, because we are not a test publisher, our training is unbiased and we introduce many tests (both good and bad) to delegates. In addition to this, for those delegates who wish to study and be accredited in numerous tests, we include Identity Questionnaire and Apollo Profile accreditation in the Level 2 fee as standard for all delegates. That’s not all! In addition to the SG$1200+ of materials we give you on the course (which include an online test system with starter credits), all delegates will receive a 30% discount on any Identity Personality Assessment products purchased within 1 month of their qualification and a 10% discount on all other non-discounted products which we offer. There’s even more, but we’ll save some surprises for the course!

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